Emil Amok: Do you know Angelo Quinto?

He died after a policeman had a knee to the back of his neck for about 5 minutes, according to witnesses. Is he our George Floyd?

I read from my column about the case, then SF State Professor Dan Gonzales and I talk about whether Filipino Americans can “rise up” as a community to join others, especially African Americans and #BLM in order to demand justice for Angelo Quinto.

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Emil Amok: Xenophobia 79 years ago–The U.S. incarcerated innocent Asian Americans. Today, AAPI are targeted in random acts of violence.

It happened this weekend. E.O.9066. After President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed it, more than 100,000 Japanese Americans, mostly on the west coast, were targeted for incarceration. Feb. 19, 1942. Emil Guillermo talks to Phil Tajitsu Nash, professor, lawyer, activist. about 9066. And how the fight for justice continues to help Japanese Latin Americans, who were also incarcerated in the U.S. but left out of the redress process.

Will it happen again?

79 years later, Asian Americans are subject to violent attacks from California to New York. It began last year with a former president’s scapegoating on the pandemic. But it has now evolved into the kind of xenophobia we saw during WWII.

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