Emil Amok! More shows coming….

Hey Amoks!

I am amok in Honolulu doing some private shows, but coming back with more versions of my Amok monologues soon.

In the meantime, you know I haven’t been silent.

Catch my columns on the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund blog… 

And on my  @emilamok Twitter feed on this page!

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Crazy times, ripe for Amok!

Impeachment notes:

–Gordon Sondland should have been on that bus with Trump, not Billy Bush. That would have made quite a tape.

— Best witnesses? Loved Lt. Col. Vindman’s uniform. But Dr. Fiona Hill made the hearings seem like “Masterpiece Impeachment.”

–Devin Nunes has no clothes.

–Ask Jim Jordan why he couldn’t get so worked up about pedophilia and wrestling at Ohio State?

–Don’t lose sight of basic questions; Can a president do what he wants without checks or balances? Is the power of the presidency absolute?  You know what they say about absolute power….

See you on stage soon! 


New version of “Emil Amok Monologues” Coming Sept. 27! Get your tickets…. OOPS…

My apologies folks. The Sept. 27 show at UCDavs has been POSTPONED.

Check back here for updates to find out when the show will be rescheduled.


COME SEE ME at the Monday Night Marsh in San Francisco…. Sept. 23rd. I perform a 20 minute excerpt of “Married to PETA.” 

And I do a one hour workout of my “Amok Monologues” at the Stoctkon FANHS Museum Sept. 22nd, Sunday, 2pm.  

More performances to come.

Apologies again for the postponement at UC Davis.



Sorry, I’ve been trying to update my site with a sharpie….

But now we can proudly announce I’m performing a benefit for the Bulosan Center at UC Davis with a special performance of my

“Amok Monologues,”  Friday, Sept. 27;  Reception at 6p; Performance at 7:00p;

Vanderhoeff Studio; UC Davis Mondavi Center.

A special benefit performance, with proceeds going to benefit the Bulosan Center!

Come see me tell the history of the American Filipino as experienced by my colonized father in the 1920s in my one man show!

Get your tickets by clicking this link.

Doing  20 minute excerpts from the show at the Marsh in San Francisco, Sept. 9 and 23rd at 7:30 pm. MONDAY NIGHT MARSH!
And I’ll do a prevue at the Stockton FANHS Museum, 2pm Sunday, Sept. 22nd. in Stockton.

Come see me workout, or just come on Sept. 27, Friday at UC Davis. Full show to benefit the Bulosan Center at UC Davis.  6pm Reception; Show at 7p; Talk back after show.


FINAL SHOWS THIS WEEKEND–GET TIX NOW: Emil Amok/Amok Monologues/All Pucked UP, July 20-28, Capital Fringe, Washington,DC


“A refreshing experience in more ways than one. At the end of the hour when Emil thanks the audience for seeing him as his authentic, non-invisible self–well, that’s what makes theatre so worthwhile, isn’t it?” –DCTheatreScene July 22, 2019


555 Water St. SW DC, Saint Augustine’s Episcopal Church …



Let this be your virtual program for the show!


click here to READ EMIL AMOK columns on the AALDEF site!


Read a little more about me here.

Twitter @emilamok

Emil Amok! Check my latest columns and pronouncements…. .

Read my latest columns at the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund blog!

Sorry to say, I’ve been pre-occupied watching sports as an antidote to our constitutional crisis.  (Go Warriors! Go Sharks! Wake up,Giants!)  That and teaching college kids.

Also working on a new iteration of my “Amok Monologues.” It’s coming to Washington, D.C. in late July!!! Ticket info coming.

Sounds like a good time to book me for an east coast swing.

Oh, and while Emil Amok’s Takeout is still available wherever you podcast (check it out on Spotify, iTunes, Castbox, etc.),  each week there’s a new The PETA PODCAST !

Your Friendly Filipino Amok Fruit Bat

Emil Amok Now 2

Emil Amok’s procrastination tool: A mini-podcast!

And this is one about a vegan Filipino restaurant in the Bay Area.

Emil Amok—Emil in a minute or so. He says what’s on your mind and his!


You can shove the big yellow thing off the pancake and use a light dousing of the maple syrup to limit calories.  These are the ube pancakes at Nick’s on Grand, a legit Filipino VEGAN place.  Weekends only for the pancakes (served with vegan bacon). Check out the vegan lechon and vegan sissig! Fat still an issue. But no animal fat. You’ll get all the Filipino flavor without the cruelty. Worth checking out if you’re near South San Francisco.

Check out Emil’s columns on http://www.aaldef.org and on amok.com. Twitter @emilamok

Emil Amok Now 2

Emil Amok! Still tickets left for Feb.1 and Feb. 7 shows in SF. ; Also, where you can read my columns or hear my podcasts.

The full hour-long performance of my Amok Monologues, “Emil Amok: Sex and Affirmative Action!”  is coming to San Francisco’s Potrero  Stage in January 27, Feb.1, Feb. 7.

Jan 27, 7PM

Feb 1,  8PM

Feb 7, 8PM


In the meantime:

**Check out my writing on the AALDEF blog every week! 

**Listen to me here on the PETA PODCAST  or search my name on Apple Podcasts.

**Check out the original “Emil Amok’s Takeout.”

**Read me on the Inquirer.net.

**Check out my monthly workshops at the Filipino American National Historical Society Museum in Stockton, CA. 

The next one is Sunday, Feb. 10th …a workshop and bit of the new show.

**Check out reviews of the solo show here.

**See a video clip here.

AND FOR PEOPLE WHO NEED INFORMATION ON FIGHTING TYPE-2 DIABETES….Click here to get a rundown from Dr. Neal Barnard.

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